We are a small successful group based in the Grimsby area.

If you live in or are visiting the area, you are welcome to join us on walks and introduce yourself. We would like it if you will join us on two or three walks, but after that we would expect you to join our club for a very modest annual fee.
If you do join us on a walk, we want you to be aware of how we operate and the sorts of things we expect of our members. They are mainly common sense.
You must have transport to the start of the walk.

You are advised to bring with you:-Wanderlust walking boots
A. Strong shoes or walking boots
B. Protective walking trousers and gloves
C. A complete waterproof kit
D. Packed lunch and drink
E. Additional warm clothing
F. Spending money, medical items

All walks are at the discretion of the leader.
Responsibility cannot be accepted for any accident or mishap which may occur during walks or social events.
All participants are responsible for their own safety.