This is a linear walk, 57 miles long, starting at Burton-on-Stather and finishing at Nettleton in Lincolnshire. It links with the Viking Way in two places, -at Barton-upon-Humber and at Nettleton, thus giving the possibility of a large circular walk of some 87 miles. A booklet has been published by the Wanderlust Rambling Club which gives details of the walk together with historical data, breaking the walk into sections and giving the addresses of bed and breakfast accommodation and camping sites, which can be used en-route. At present (October 2019) there is a closure of part of the walk near Stallingborough.  This was for construction of a new link road from Immingham to the A180, this is now completed.  No diversion has been negotiated with Landowners yet.


During the past months I have been asked many times for details of the 57 mile Nev Cole Way. The Brigg library, is the only place that had a booklet to describe the route and details of B & Bs , but I think it has gone out of print, but may be worth a phone call. This walk for my description starts at Burton upon Stather, near the church and car park look for the Nev Cole Sign. The Scunthorpe 112 Land Ranger map is needed (Millets 40% off as now) you will also need Grimsby map 113. When I walked it 4 years ago I used the Humber Flyer bus from Grimsby or you could get someone to drop you off. The first stretch I did was to the Humber Brid,ge getting the Flyer back to Grimsby from the station.

From the start, walk along the cliff path to Alkborough, enjoying views and Julians Bower. Past the Church, follow the coastal path to Whitton, coastal path to Winteringham Haven, turning right to follow road to the centre cross roads.  Take a left turn then a right to Winteringham Grange at the A1077.  Turn left past Eastfield to Ferriby Sluice and cross the river, follow the coastal path, which is joined by The Viking Way. Follow to The Humber Bridge. Now by the time you have reached the Humber Flyer at Barton upon Humber you will have covered 18 miles, though you can break it up with car support.

At the point under the bridge you can start the next section, keeping to the coastal path past Barton Waterside to Barrow Haven walking around the inlet and on to New Holland. Negotiating the terminal, rejoin the coastal path to Goxhill Haven then to East Halton Skitter, carry on along the coastal path to North Killingholme Haven. Turning right, follow the path past the old power station to join the road which comes out near the church. Soon coming to a fork in the road take the left and pick up the foot path, in Killingholme. This is a tricky section, as when I tackled it the farmer had locked gates and barricaded paths but by now diversions should be in place as I have reported it many times. You can pick up a bus to Immingham with connections to Grimsby, or if feeling strong get the Flyer in Immingham.

Now getting back to the walk after South Killingholme, you enter a forest and then come to Immingham Golf Course which is now disused. The path then leads through Immingham on a pleasant path. The next section used to lead to the Stallingborough Interchange but we await a diversion so it is best if you spend some time sorting out your own route using the road on the left hand side of the A180 crossing it and picking up Nev Cole Way. Shortly after take a left hand turn past the small Garden Centre. From here walk to the level crossing at Healing and go by the side of the track follow path to B1210 and cross, follow A1136 take path to walk along The River Freshney. Follow towards Laceby Acres and come out near Morrisons. Cross the by pass and on to Manor Top Farm to follow path through Laceby Golf Course, coming out to cross A18. Follow path to Beelsby, walk through village taking the path to Hatcliffe then on to Croxby ponds. Turning left at the road leading to Croxby turning right at Lake Farm crossing to Cuxwold. Turning left to pick up the path to Rothwell, take the path near the Blacksmiths Arms in the direction of Cabourne but turning left on Bridle Way to road. Cross to the next road and cross B1225, follow path where it joins The Viking Way towards Nettleton. Your end is the Nev Cole Stile with a plaque on it to our founder.

Now coastal marker post are few and far between so just keep the path straight, some signs are round marked N.C.W. Many are silver galvanised marked in black NEV COLE WAY and the originals are small 10mm x 90mm stick on. You may need to see where they have been stuck on as they were put on many years ago, so a little bit of detective work is needed. When I did it I planned 1 day a week in the summer and it took me 4 day to complete. When I did it I photocopied each section of the map and worked out the route and highlighted it and sellotaped it together as a quick reference. I have a photocopy of the book which you can borrow to copy yourself but I must have it returned A.S.A.P. I HOPE THIS HELPS and please let me know with grid refs of any signs missing please.